The best way to get started is to learn from those using it

Dessia holds a strong track record with OEMs and Tier1s from manufacturing industries.

Connect engineering silos with generative engineering knowledge based design

We were recognised by Gartner 'Generative AI, applied innovation to drive business value', through our engagement with Renault and the promising development time reduction that came out of it.
"To harness Generative AI for an accelerating arms race, CIOs should combine human and artificial intelligence to shorten and improve innovation and chart a path that could lead to near-autonomous innovation."

Some of our references

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"Using Generative Engineering ("Bots") applications [....], it is possible to produce the same results [...] with a time saving of over 80%, using at least 3 times less resources."

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Jean Baptiste Chancerelle - Digital Catalyst

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Florent Geneste - Solution Line Manager E&P

"The bot's mission is to propose the best scenario based on assumptions and parameters. The engineer can then make the best decision, and concentrate on higher value-added tasks."

We also share technical papers at conferences !

Checkout our latest presentation at SIA Powertrain Paris, where we introduce a methodology based on an engineering systems approach coupled with generative algorithms. We apply it to design exploration for xEV systems. It allows both automotive manufacturers and suppliers to optimize system-to-component designs based on requirements.

Jacqueline Davidson - Boeing Ventures Manager & Head of AerospaceXelerated program

"Dessia's platform enables the rapid development of workflow automation apps that improve the engineering performance and contribute to the digital transformation program of the company"

Empower every engineer with AI