Optimize Battery Architecture Design
Generate Battery Architecture with Artificial Intelligence

Battery Architecture

Generate Lithium-Ion batteries meeting electrical, packaging and cooling requirement

A Powerpack SDK is available within Dessia software it can be used as the foundation to develop your own Bot in which you would add your in-house knowledge and design rules.The Powerpack SDK can be used for battery sizing of an electric vehicle considering the electrical circuit, the cells and modules layout and the cooling circuit.

Battery Design Space Exploration

This SDK provides the following features/capabilities (non exhaustive list):
Electrical concept: Thevenin cell description model based on one internal resistance and open circuit voltage, RC and double RC cell description, Time based resolution from an energy balance, Passive cell management Battery, module and cell architecture with filtration system

Electrical wiring: Concept wiring generator, Detail wiring optimizer

Mechanical layout: Layout floor planning generator in 3D (generation of all possible layouts within allotted space, generation and selection of the most compact 3D solutions), Module layout generator,

Cooling system: Generation of all cooling concepts, Energy resolution with a 1D thermal simulation, Thermal resistance coefficient approach (cooling systems modelization from sizing tables)