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Design trade off support with Dessia explainable artificial intelligence

Design Trade off support

Engineering is not about finding the best solution. It is about finding a compromise that works. At least it was. Thanks to Dessia's explainable AI technologies, you can now incorporate multiple design parameters and leverage weighting / clustering methods to support your decision making.

automation of Design for sustainability using python

Design for sustainability

Reduce the carbon footprint induced by your design by automating the orchestration of your carbon cost database or lifecycle assessment tools within your design process.

Automated cable routing design generative engineering

Automated routing

Does it get frustrating to hold a Msc or Phd and draw cables and pipes manually ? Leverage Dessia's unique methods to generate viavle routing paths according to your own design rules. You will be able to chose between the shortes, the cheapest, the iso-length, and many more !

Dessia generative engineering and design  process automation

Process Automation

Your organisation dedicates several engineer to the operation of a redundant process ? Wait no more ! Thanks to Dessia's integration to 3D and PLM systems, you will be able to fully automate redundancy and focus on the important tasks at hand.

3D design space exploration using deterministic AI and geometric 3D modeling

3D Design space exploration

Explore thousands if not millions of design variations in a few hours, thanks to Dessia's proprietary geometric 3D modeler. You will be able to associate high level requirements, hypothesis, with the generation of the first 3D concepts for your product, in order to check for clash, relative positionning, and much more !

Concurrent design

Stop wasting time in countless expert iterations. Thanks to Dessia's knowledge modeling platform, the AI-apps can generate the first sets of designs for your team to review in a plenary meeting.
Take decisions, leave for the night, discuss the results in the morning and validate compromises.

Concurrent engineering supported by artificial intelligence

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