Plastic Omnium and Dessia sign a strategic partnership on Generative Engineering

Dessia, The french Artificial Intelligence Start Up developing the first generative engineering platform, is proud to announce its new partnership with Plastic Omnium, a major player in the automotive industry and global leader in green mobility solutions. This collaboration aims to optimize Plastic Omnium's product design by leveraging the advanced design decision support capabilities offered by Dessia.
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Dessia Technologies
October 18, 2023

This collaboration aims to optimize Plastic Omnium's product design by leveraging the advanced design decision support capabilities offered by Dessia.

Dessia's role in this collaboration will revolve around its AI-based solution, aiming to optimize and automate the design processes of various Plastic Omnium products, such as hydrogen tanks, battery systems and shock absorption systems. In an environment where the evolution of the mobility sector is largely dictated by increasingly strict ecological regulationsand a highly fast-paced global competition, this new partnership heralds pivotal innovations for the industry. Plastic Omnium, already a pioneer in clean technologies, intends to strengthen its position as a leader in zero-emission mobility.

Pierre-Emmanuel Dumouchel, co-founder and CEO of Dessia, states:

Our collaboration with Plastic Omnium represents a decisive turning point. It's the fusion of Dessia's technological expertise and Plastic Omnium's innovative vision for tomorrow's mobility."

Yannick Raynaud, Group Scientific Director at Plastic Omnium, comments:

The Automotive industry has always been a competition, not to say a race to develop new products faster or bring innovation to maturity. We can all agree that the future of engineering will be the collaboration between AI apps and human engineers, and we are committed to see Plastic Omnium at the forefront of this technology and organizational shift. We selected Dessia and their platform, based on their track record in the automotive industry, to demonstrate the value generative engineering can bring to our company, on existing and new product developments for all our product divisions.”

This strategic collaboration reflects a future where technology and innovation go hand in hand with ecological responsibility. Emphasizing automation and AI, both companies aspire to redefine the standards of the automotive industry.

With this new partnership, Dessia underscores its upward trajectory. By multiplying collaborations with renowned industrial players, the company reaffirms its aspiration to become the European leader for generative engineering.

About Dessia :

Dessia is a start-up that develops a bot development platform for engineering. These bots automate design tasks from Explainable Artificial Intelligence such as the design of a power transmission or the layout of a wiring. Their mission? To help engineers gain efficiency and creativity. Dessia works with several large French companies in the automotive, aeronautical and railway sectors and aims to become the leader in automation for engineering. This year, Dessia was also recognized in the mapping of AI startups by France Digitale.

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