DessIA raises €5.5 million fund to make AI an engineering tool

The software publisher announces the wrap-up of a first financing round with Supernova Invest, btov Partners, Go Capital and BPI.
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Dessia Technologies
November 5, 2021

Paris, May 11th 2021 - DessIA is an artificial intelligence software publisher that designs technical systems for engineers. The company has recently announced closing the first round of a €5,5 million fundraising with Supernova Invest, BTOV Partners, Go Capital and BPI.

Founded in 2017 by Steven Masfaraud (CTO) and Pierre-Emmanuel Dumouchel (CEO), DessIA aims to change engineering with its explainable artificial intelligence platform. Their AI can automate design tasks and help engineers make the best decisions by exploring all possible solutions. For instance, with DessIA’s cloud platform one can find the optimum electric battery architecture. Or even record the best cable routing for a jet engine.

Our bots finding an electric battery

Disruptive technology for design software

On one hand, industry players are increasingly relying on automation and decision making assistance. On the other hand, design and engineering software has barely evolved throughout the years. DessIA’s artificial intelligence serves the purposes of productivity and engineering creativity. Its software encompasses all the engineers’ design criteria, then applies their thought process to build a “bot”.
Bots are basic software components that record design know-how for industry players.

Much as RPA methods (“Robotic Process Automation” and their growing popularity, “bots” or “engineering bots” cut down the time needed for certain steps of the process. It can be by a few minutes, up to hours or weeks or even months. This proves particularly useful in projects that demand repetitive tasks or a significant amount of adjustments. DessIA calls this new approach REA (“Robotic Engineering Automation”). Its aim is to “assist engineers with virtual companions (bots) in their decision making process, in a context that is increasingly complex from a technical, normative and commercial point of view” explains Pierre-Emmanuel Dumouchel, DessIA’s CEO.

Trusted by major industry players

At first, DessIA’s efforts went towards developing “bots” for the clients and their power transmissions, batteries, and wiring. Since the results were promising, DessIA became a platform of basic bot building and sharing. DessIA’s bots have improved the cost-effectiveness of our clients’ projects (automotive, aeronautics, and rails), and cut down their development time.

As recently announced, the company has signed a partnership with Safran Engineering Services as well as other industry players.

A fundraising to grow domestically and abroad

The fundraising is meant to strengthen DessIA’s Sales team, accelerate the development of the bots platform in a no-code framework, and develop new bots families. DessIA is planning to expand in Europe very soon, with Germany being the first target market.

After four years spent developing DessIA on their own, the two founders Pierre-Emmanuel Dumouchel and Steven Masfaraud are “very glad to open a new page for Dessia with these three renowed investors!”.

DessIA’s vision is to become a milestone solution as far as automation goes in the engineering fields.

Operation consulting

DESSIA TECHNOLOGIES consulting: MULTEAM (financial consulting, Paris), VILLECHENON (legal consulting, Paris)

Consulting to investors: CHAMMAS & MARCHETEAU (legal consulting, Paris), BDO (financial audit, Nantes)


DESSIA is a deeptech startup, created in Paris in 2017. DESSIA creates and develops a Cloud platform based on explainable AI which - through a no-code approach - generates bots for engineering in a few days for clients and colleagues alike. DessIA’s solution is currently being deployed in several French companies in the fields of automotive, aeronautics, and rails.

Contact :

Pierre-Emmanuel DUMOUCHEL, CEO

Dessia Technologies website

About Supernova Invest

Supernova Invest is an independent management firm, certified by AMF (French Authority of Financial Markets), whose area of investment is companies that create disruptive innovation. With its exclusive partnerships with CEA and Amundi, Supernova Invest has financed and coached more than 100 start-ups within its scope - biology, energy & environment, industry, microelectronics and digital. At present day, Supernova Invest manages or advises 5 investment funds, which translates to a global €250 millions.

Supernova Invest has invested in DessIA through the Supernova 2 fund, created in 2017 and amounting to €75 millions. Its signatories are: regional branch offices of Crédit Agricole, CEA, BPI, Michelin, Biomérieux, Vinci Construction, UDIMEC and several natural people.

Contact: François Breniaux Investment Director

To learn more: Supernova Invest website

About BTOV Partners

Founded in 2000, BTOV Partners is a European capital risk society in the fields of digital and industrial technologies. Its network of entrepreneur private investors offers a unique kind of expertise, by out-of-the-ordinary founders.

The BTVO Industrial Technologies fund puts a focus on hardware and software innovation. Its use cases include industrial contexts like automation, robotics, data analysis, industrial AI, additive manufacturing, and quantum IT. From its offices in Berlin, Munich, St. Gallen and Luxembourg, this society handles a €510 million asset. BTOV Partners’ most known investments are Blacklane, Data Artisans, DeepL, Dyemansion, Effect Photonics, Electrochaea, Foodspring, ORCAM, Quanta, Raisin, SUmUp, Volocopter and XING.

Contact: Robert Gallenberger, Partner of BTOV Partners’  Fund of Industrial Technologies

To learn more: BTOV Capital website


GO CAPITAL is an independent management society of investment funds for seed capital and risk capital amounting to a total €250 million. It invests in innovative technological companies located in the Grand Ouest French region.

The GO CAPITAL Amorçage II fund, launched in April 2017, adds up to €74 millions and has the signature of the Fond National d’Amorçage (managed by Bpifrance Investissement within the framework of the Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir), the Fonds Européen d’Investissement, the regions: Bretagne, Pays de la Loire, Normandie and Centre Val de Loire, bank partners (Banque Populaire Grand Ouest, Caisse Epargne de Normandie, CIC Ouest, CM ARKEA and Crédit Agricole Atlantique Vendée), the cities of Nantes and Rennes, and entrepreneurs.

The LOIRE VALLEY INVEST fund, launched in April 2017, has reached the amount of €21.5 million. Its signatories are BPI, the Centre Val de Loire region, the cities of Orléans and Tours, bank partners (Crédit Agricole Centre Loire, Caisse d’Epargne Loire Centre, Banque Populaire Val de France, BNPP), industrial and institutional partners (Groupama Paris Val de France, THELEM Assurances, EDF? Michelin, Revicentre).

Contact: Hervé Bachelot Lallier, Investment Managing Partner

To learn more: Go Capital website