Generative Design Power Transmission
Artificial Intelligence Power Transmission Design

Power Transmission

Generate and optimize power transmission configurations

A Power Transmission SDK is available within Dessia software; it can be used as the foundation to develop your own Bot in which you would add your in-house knowledge and design rules.

Manage Engineering Knowledge power transmission

This SDK enables for example to generate all shafts and bearing placements within an allotted package volume from a blank page. The parameters can be in that case Shaft positions, Bearing locations, Gear pitch diameter, gear mesh teeth number.

The objectives such as Gearbox mass, Bearing load, Gear mesh load are set while boundary conditions are Input speed on entry and Output speed on  exit,  the keep in zone, the minimum distance between gears, and constraints on gear mesh number. Using explainable AI algorithms available within Dessia SDK , the bot will generate all possible architectures and keep the admissible ones that fulfill the constraints.

The  Power Transmission SDK  provides the following features/capabilities (non exhaustive list) :

Mechanical components: Planetary gear generation, Axial shaft layout generation, Gear & bearing macro-geometry optimization, Housing generation, Park lock optimization.

Concept power transmission: NVH with analytical approach, Concept power-transmission, 3D packaging optimization.

Detailed power transmission: Detail power-transmission optimization

In a context of Electric Drive Unit design, this SDK can be also leveraged to generate all architectural layouts  to integrate gearbox, electric machine and inverter in an allotted package volume. Moreover a Bot combining this Power Transmission SDK and the Electric Machine SDK will be paramount to generate all admissible conceptual solutions for the complete EDU system!