Generative Design for electric machines
Optimize electric machine design with artificial intelligence

Electric machine

Explore all e-machine designs and configuration

A E-machine SDK is available within Dessia Platform; it can be used as the foundation to develop your own Bot in which you would add your in-house knowledge and design rules.

Electric Machine engineering knowledge management

With our SDK it is possible to quickly model an electric machine to explore all possible solutions.
For example, to choose your modular policy, you can search for all machines sharing a certain number of common components.
We propose clustering approaches to help engineers better understand how the space of admissible solutions is structured.
Then we provide a modeling based on the finite element method to optimize the architecture of an electric machine taking into account a precise torque and magnetic fields in the stator.

Electric machine concept:
Analytical approach to quickly estimate the torque
Method of estimating drag torque
First conceptual drawing of the architecture of an electrical machine
Exhaustive generation of a large number of concepts
Clustering approach for electrical machines

Electric machine detail:
Torque estimation from a finite element method
Calculation of electromagnetic saturation fields
Genetic optimization of electrical machine architecture
Clustering on optimized electrical machines