Starting from your engineering knowledge, generate more sustainable and performing products faster with Dessia AI!

With increasing product complexity, companies struggle to bring performing -yet sustainable- products to the market with current design processes.

Dessia Technologies develops an AI based software for using Engineering Bots that are built on top of your engineering knowledge. The Bots augment engineers and architects in generating quickly thousands of architectures at early stages of the development process, and in identifying the best configurations meeting sustainability and profitability targets.

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Dessia generative engineering platform
Reduce design iterations


Manual, stepped process and lack of data for decision making at conceptual phase

Today's knowledge is mostly scattered across the company in files and in expert's brains.  To design a product, knowledge is therefore applied sequentially by the stakeholders.
At the end of the conceptual design phase, a product architecture is frozen based on few assumptions and available data. A design derivated from this architecture is built in a CAD software and improved with CAE until requirements are met.
Odds to obtain a sustainable, innovative and profitable design are low. When project input changes, process has to be re-executed from scratch manually.


Automated process and relevant data for decision making at conceptual phase

All stakeholders gather and formalize all knowledge for designing the product from which an Engineering Bot is developped. The Bot acts as a robotic companion for architects and engineers helping them to make the right decision.
Bots generate in few hours with AI thousands of performance driven architectures early in the product development cycle. For the best design candidates, a 3D CAD geometry is generated for further detailed analysis in CAD and CAE software.
The Bot can be re-used easily at any project input changes.

collaborative automated design process with artificial intelligence

Product development process

Shorten your development cycle, mitigate risks and reduce costs

Without Engineering Bots:

Conceptual design automation

Slow product knowledge learning curve. Architecture is frozen after only few iterations, design freedom becomes very limited during the design phase, letting few chances to discover a high performing design solution

With Engineering Bots:

Knowledge Reuse for design efficiency

Fast product knowledge learning curve. At conceptual phase, high performing architecture is selected after evaluating thousands of solutions in few hours. Opportunities and risks are identified early, design phase is shorter and cost controlled.