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What is Dessia Generative Engineering?

Dessia Generative Engineering is a novel design engineering approach, where architects, designers and engineers are augmented by using Engineering Bots, robotic companions, that support them in the concept design phase to create all necessary data for making the right architecture choice before moving to detailed design phase.
It is a design exploration process that uses an object oriented modeling approach to describe the product and its design rules, and leverages explainable AI algorithms to generate all possible solutions that meet a set of constraints and targets.

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From your design rules and product requirements ....

1. The process starts with building an Engineering Bot according to the following steps:

Gather data and knowledge about how you currently design a product, and what are the product design targets
Develop a model describing the product into elementary objects and functions using Dessia model based language
Create with a no code approach a workflow mapping the sequence of tasks that designers and engineers follow today to design the product

2. Use generative AI algorithms to generate exhaustively all possible design solutions in few hours and eliminate those not admissible.

... to a 3D geometry

Once the Bot has executed the generation study:
Use data mining and visualization tool to identify best solutions.

Use Machine Learning for identify clusters of solutions

Use Dessia object oriented 3D modeler, with which a geometry for the best design candidates are generated.

Import the best architectures 3D geometries found with Generative Engineering in your preferred CAD / CAE environment for further detailed design and analysis.

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