Upload and customize your bots in your bot store

How to create a bot

A bot is built using Dessia Python client or other Python libraries. It can use the Dessia SDK as foundation. The SDK contains:

- Generic libraries
- Technological libraries 

Those librairies provide for example formalism to describe your product and rules, AI algorithms for exhaustive generation and clustering,  an object oriented 3D modeler, and also librairies for adressing use cases related to power transmission, e-machines, batteries, routing and layout. On top of this foundation layer, your IP is added in specific libraries.

Develop the Bot

Use Dessia Model Based formalism to describe in a structured manner your product and your design rules

Upload the Bot in the Dessia platform

Map with a no code approach, the sequence  of  tasks to be executed to design the product

Execute the Bot from the Dessia platform or from a third party tool

The Bot can be now used anywhere from a web browser. 
Architects, engineers, designers and project managers can use the bot, just by filling the input form with required data and launching the generative study.

Analyze data with visualization plots and charts

After few computation hours, navigate through all admissible solutions, make trade-off studies to identify the best design candidates

Use Machine Learning to identify design families

Clustering algorithms available in Dessia SDK can be used on the data generated, to identify families of solutions, and help to select the best design for each family.